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Guinot Body Treatments | Cloud Nine Beauty | Aberdeen's premier beauty spa

Guinot Body Treatments

Innovative slimming treatment method with quick results

Technispa® Body Treatments

Innovative slimming treatment method with quick results thanks to:

  • A dual slimming effect from the mechanical massager
  • The penetration of slimming agents that act between treatments
  • Stimulation that makes the muscles work to eliminate and burn fat

Double Slimming Treatment

The Slimming Effect Treatment
Achieve a slender silhouette and a firm, toned body with this innovative slimming treatment. Designed to tackle cellulite whilst smoothing and firming the body contours, this treatment uses a mechanical massager, penetrating the slimming agents and stimulating the body’s muscles to eliminate and burn fat. The skin appears smoother and cellulite is reduced.

  • 30 minutes: £30
  • 60 minutes: £60

Soothing Leg Treatment

The Light Legs Treatment
For legs that feel heavy and appear swollen, the technology of the TechniSPA® device will allow rapid relief and soothe any discomfort. This treatment uses a mechanical massager to penetrate active ingredients into the skin whilst stimulating the muscles leaving the legs feeling lighter and re-energised with a slimmer feeling.

  • 45 minutes: £40

Firming Lifting Treatment

The Firming Treatment
Designed for those who have concerns with lack of firmness, sagging skin and loss of an even skin tone. This treatment has been developed to lightly exercise the muscles with active ingredients which help to re-sculpt the figure for a perfectly firm and toned body.

  • 45 mins: £60

Techni Slimming and Firming Manual Treatments

Achieve visible slimming and firming results from the very first treatment with the Techni-Slimming and Techni-Firming treatments from Guinot. Using an in-depth massage combined with carefully formulated serums and a unique body wrap technique, these specially designed manual treatments visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and restore the skin’s firmness.

Techni Slimming

The Ultimate Manual Slimming Treatment
Containing key actives of Caffeine and IsoSlim Complex, this unique treatment combats stubborn cellulite whilst inhibiting the formation of new fat in the targeted area, refining and smoothing the silhouette.

  • 1 hour: £50

Techni Firming

The Ultimate Manual Firming Treatment Designed to firm the body and tone the skin using key actives of Crelastin B to improve skin’s elasticity and Alaria Esculenta to fight against skin’s slacking.

  • 1 hour: £50

Holistic Body Treatments

Well-being and vitality for body and mind.
A range of relaxing treatments including plant and fruit extracts to calm and soothe.

Aromatic Body Contouring Treatment

The Firming Treatment
This body sculpting treatment uses an anti-cellulite sculpting massage with essential oils and a clay mask to leave the skin feeling firm and beautifully soft. The Clay and Green Tea Saunamasque, drains excess water from the body leaving the silhouette immediately refined with reduced signs of cellulite.

  • 1 hour: £60

Aromatic Body Polish

The Exfoliating Treatment
Achieve firm and silky-smooth skin with this complete body exfoliation which helps to eliminate dry, flaky skin, refining the skin’s texture. The exfoliation is followed by a body moisturiser leaving the skin soothedand refreshed.

  • 30 minutes: £35

Aromatic Body Softening

The Relaxation Treatment
Experience pure relaxation whilst achieving soft, smooth skin. This complete body exfoliation with a sugar-kiwi scrub is followed by a relaxing massage with energising essential oils, designed to thoroughly soften and relax the entire body.

  • 1 hour: £60